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Friday on my mind

I had a wonderful weekend, and now I ache all over, our connection to the whole internet is down, and I can't seem to get any work done because I'd rather be writing up my weekend than living my Monday. Personally I reckon this is what god gave us text editors for...

So Friday turned out to be pub rather than club night, as I've already mentioned, and Saturday I managed to get some useful things done (although not any washing up) before deciding to go to Ascension and therefore going out to buy a basque and 'Oh, I don't know something else, maybe lacy' to go with it. I had luck. The basque that I'd tried a month ago and been amazed that it fitted was still in Marks, and I found a size 16(!) see through lace blouse in River Island (OK, it was meant to be baggy, but still '!'). I'm having fun looking in high street shops for clothes. Most of them I've literally not looked in since about 1988, as I've been either too big or too poor or both. Exploring some of them has been, um, interesting. I even went into Gap - once: I then decided that once was enough for one lifetime. I found stuff I wanted in River Island and Next, though, and decided that I am still too poor to look in Monsoon, even when there is an alleged sale.

Anyway Saturday was one of those rare enough days when everything goes right. I found the clothes I wanted to buy, the stuff I wanted to wear with it was clean, I didn't fuck up my nail varnish, both contact lenses went in first time, my eyeliner was even symmetrical - by the time I was ready to go out I was worried I might have used up all my good luck for the day already...

But Ascension was good. I drank cocktails and danced in Muppet boots without falling off them, and many people were here and looking good, including pavlos, gothtart, pipistrelle and selectnone. And ciphergoth, of course. I had to reassure Ciphergoth that he was officially Still The Prettiest on Sunday, when I had accidentally described two very pretty men as 'the prettiest people at Ascension' - '...the prettiest people that you didn't bring with you', he corrected me. Poor sensitive lad. They were very very pretty indeed, though. Mmmm.

And I decided I like bleepy shite. After dancing to seven tracks of it in a row it would be hard to deny, really. Anyone wanting to make me compilations of gothic technoid bleepy shite should feel free to do so, as it will help me work out what the hell I'm dancing to. In fact anyone wanting to make me any compilations at all is welcome - perhaps I need the Bluffer's Guide to Goth Since 1992. Any offers?

Sunday I pottered to Starbucks with Paul and then looked at more clothes shops. Found some hair extendy hings in Internationale which may work with my hair, since they are short enough and come in little strands of red and black and white attached to glittery hair beads (there are some brown and blonde ones, too, but I don't see me using them). Don't know how well they'll stay in, though.

Then we went to The Filmhouse and had a snack before seeing Warm Water Under a Red Bridge with pavlos and Jon. It was wonderful, very funny and sexy in a non-pornographic sort of way. My recommendation is not to watch it with a full bladder, though. Drank black beer afterwards and went home to my bed. Which I really really needed...

Hurrah! The Internet has returned. Now I can upload all this...



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8th Apr, 2002 08:27 (UTC)
Go me!

My recommendation is not to watch it with a full bladder, though. I second that!
8th Apr, 2002 09:24 (UTC)
this is what god gave us text editors for

Alarming quote. Unless you think RMS is god, in which case it's exceptionally alarming.
8th Apr, 2002 10:32 (UTC)
What if you think god gave us RMS?
8th Apr, 2002 11:35 (UTC)
"There is no god but GNU, and RMS is its prophet"...
8th Apr, 2002 10:18 (UTC)
i love Gap kids actually, but the Gap itself is downright scary. or is it more scary that clothes for 10 yr olds are big enough to fit me? i simply can't decide
9th Apr, 2002 04:02 (UTC)
"perhaps I need the Bluffer's Guide to Goth Since 1992" - sigh. Yeah, I think that'd be a popular text in general. I'd try to write it, but, well, that's kinda the crux of the problem...
16th Apr, 2002 18:20 (UTC)
Well, if you do find someone to write it, let me know, 'k :)
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