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Surprise surprise! I don't like my new office. I've got the music on headphones at the moment because Jeannie is in the room (Jeannie is the useless hippie half of my line manager, Heather is the competent but undermined half, having jobshare line managers is No Fun). The room is cold and I can feel the throb of lorries outside my window through my feet. In fact sometimes I can feel them as pressure in my ears, which is nasty. It's all a bit of a come down from my lovely quiet, warm back office with Alex. At least I'm now supposed to be updating my work web pages, which is a job that will keep me sitting down for a while.

I'll update this later, 'cos I can't really afford the time for a longer entry...



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6th Apr, 2002 04:39 (UTC)
At least you have an office. I'm losing mine, to be moved to an open plan area - gah!!

I have contrived to put my desk in the corner facing into the room, but still... And I don't think my lunches of yesterday's-curry-warmed-up-in-the-microwave are going to be popular.

Oops, sorry! If I'm going to whinge, I guess I should do that on my own page!
6th Apr, 2002 04:46 (UTC)
How big does an office have to be before it become an opan plan area? There are five of us in my new room, although there were only two of us in yesterday, so I guess it still counts as an office, but I do sometimes get jealous of the poor fools in Dilbert - those Americans with their cosy cubicles don't know how lucky they are...
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