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It's a shock to my system to wind up back where I have come from

Surprise surprise! I don't like my new office. I've got the music on headphones at the moment because Jeannie is in the room (Jeannie is the useless hippie half of my line manager, Heather is the competent but undermined half, having jobshare line managers is No Fun). The room is cold and I can feel the throb of lorries outside my window through my feet. In fact sometimes I can feel them as pressure in my ears, which is nasty. It's all a bit of a come down from my lovely quiet, warm back office with Alex. At least I'm now supposed to be updating my work web pages, which is a job that will keep me sitting down for a while.

I'll update this later, 'cos I can't really afford the time for a longer entry...
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