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Be my friend

Apparently the LJ user I have most in common with is mrph, followed by Ciphergoth and Zotz. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I mean of course I like Morph, but I was kinda hoping for some completely new soul mate out of this exercise. So, is it comforting to know that I'm already in touch with the people I'm best suited to, or not? Hmm...

This is a neat new paid user feature, anyway.


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1st Apr, 2002 02:52 (UTC)
Ahh, that's because they've created this in an information theory context. They take the number of lj users and divide by the number of users (total) with a particular interest to get the number of bits of information the interest is worth. Then your bit totals are added up. This provides rewards in the system for users who share uncommon interests and rated them higher.

So as an example, sharing the interest 'lemurs in the rain' with someone is worth far more than sharing 'music'

This means that you share more with people local to you and people you know. This is generally caused when people put specific places, clubs or events in interests. So for instance in Edinburgh, we might have Holyrood Tavern and the Mission which would have high values. People you already know are commonly through a shared interest and it's usually not something like a vague interest such as 'reading' whereas it could be a like of a particular author. Hence higher values again.

So it looks like it's the people we already know who we share the most with in an information theory context......
1st Apr, 2002 04:02 (UTC)
'If your friends were normal people, they would not know you'

http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=lovingboth&itemid=6261 has the link for the article in Nature.
1st Apr, 2002 02:56 (UTC)
Funny. I've got most in common with Morph as well. The first stranger is a student who lives in the same town as Ximena.
1st Apr, 2002 13:49 (UTC)
Hurmm, *I* get Morph *too*! Something's up...
2nd Apr, 2002 02:20 (UTC)
Who, me?
Don't worry, it's just part of my cunning plan for world domination...
2nd Apr, 2002 02:24 (UTC)
Re: Who, me?
...by becoming Earth's Most Interesting Person?

By the way, mail to your clara.net address is bouncing ATM - should I be using a different one?
2nd Apr, 2002 02:34 (UTC)
Re: Who, me?
Good question. They appear to have closed my account yesterday (happy April Foolishness...) after losing my credit card details. This has now been fixed, but they seem to have resurrected it as a clara.co.uk account instead... mail to that address should work. And anything sent since Friday AM is now lost in the abyss.

2nd Apr, 2002 02:38 (UTC)
Re: Who, me?
OK, I've changed your bicon-thinkers address and sent you a digest of all the stuff you might have missed...
(Deleted comment)
1st Apr, 2002 03:59 (UTC)

Mine is Jake the Rake!
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