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The drunks and the punks, the perverts, the lazy

Well, many visitors from Far Away arrived yesterday, and amazingly we managed to meet them all at the Kalpna before any of us starved to death. I blame Jackie's influence for getting Nat and Lisa and Soph out of their guesthouse in time... So I had a good meal which I couldn't finish on account of having accidentally ordered the biggest thing on the menu and feeling very self conscious behind it, and then we all trudged to the Holyrood and carried on till late, though the Londoners seemed to be flagging a bit when they realised it would be open till 1.00!

Today we're going to lunch in the Filmhouse before me and Paul leave the rest of them to their own devices and try and get some useful tidying and stuff done. I still haven't decided whether to try and turn up my ballgown skirt in time, but whatever I wear will involve the big muppet boots I got for £15 in Armstrongs recently - it is important that I practice walking in them around the house before attempting any clubs...

At least my hair looks good. It's now a definite bob and re-dyed to be sufficiently red again. Rar!
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