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I get funny dreams again and again

New computer works! Yay! (except for a residual problem with the serial ports which could be a pain if we can't fix it before I want to sync the Palm). I'm cross-eyed at the moment from writing loads of envelopes by hand for BiCon. I haven't achieved a lot else today, but at least I'm feeling relatively normal, if tired. I hope this means my dream will make a little bit more sense than the kind of feverish ones I had where I was probably some kind of filing system with a lot of different shades of yellow paper. The thing I hate about those ones is that I feel at the time that it's very important to remember them because it will be so useful...

Last night's dream was me trying to defend the Houses of the Four Pleasures from people who wanted to set off their self-destruct sequences. There are four houses for the different kinds of pleasure, you see, which are essentially sex, drugs, rock and roll, and being waited on hand and foot. I don't know why they were built with self-destruct buttons, though. As I said at the time, people who build in a self-destruct button always want to use it - which would explain the outcome of a lot of Bond-type movies.

Oh and the houses were built in a square round a garden. I assume the rock and roll house was well soundproofed, as it was a nice quiet garden. I may try to visit it again...

Off to bed, now.
Tags: bizarro, update
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