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I am feeling almost chipper. This may be merely in comparison with yesterday's state of having to lie down every two hours, but I've been up and achieving (small) things for ages now and not fallen down yet. My throat still hurts, and I'm still on ibuprofen and sudofed, but at least I'm no longer bored to death.

Soon I will be eating dinner, which I cooked without falling over. And then we'll be bringing this machine down so we can rip its guts out and set up my new(er) PC. I'll be buying a CD writer for it later, but meanwhile we got a £20 CD-Rom drive, on the grounds that it does no harm to have both. Suggestions about which bargain basement writers are better are still welcome.

Stir fry now!


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24th Mar, 2002 02:29 (UTC)
They are at a stage where just about anything is ok, not least as most of them are rebadged versions of a handful of drives.

If you want the absolutely lowest price, go for the slowest drive with a warranty. Unless you're Paul writing 30 disks for a single complete backup, the difference between a 12x, a 10x and a 8x is minimal, for example. You can also easily live without CD-RW - when blanks are so cheap, who cares about rewriting?

My current one is a 8x SCSI from cex.co.uk - they have a one year warranty on s/h hardware - and it cost, umm, £30 I think. It replaced a 4x SCSI (and for one-offs, the difference between 8x and 4x is also only about 16 vs 8 mins/disk) which is lying around here.
24th Mar, 2002 14:17 (UTC)
Well - IMH(Experience)
With a variety of drives that we use at work - We have gone with a "theme" of ones that have been reliable over performance screamers.

But we have found that LG and TDK Cyclones to be the best.

Don't touch HP.
Don't touch Lite-On.

We have had some Ricoh's going a bit pear shaped.

But our L&G's have been pretty bomb proof.

£90 will get you a 32x10x40x
£70 will get you a 24x10x40x

Ian is correct in saying there is not a whole lot of difference at those high a speeds, but just make sure its burn proof (which the above are - from www.todayonly.co.uk)


27th Mar, 2002 13:47 (UTC)
Errm - Old but...
IF you want something really toasty...

Check out :

An article on LG's latest screamer of a burner - All for £99. Inc VAT :-)


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