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Wishing my days away

Well, I'm feeling slightly less like death, in that I no longer have a fever, I can sit up and read, and I have succeeded in eating some soup and bread, but I still feel too weak to do anything. I just had to get Jon to hang up my duvet cover (which Paul very kindly washed) because reaching over my head makes me giddy. As does have a shower, or any kind of activity that goes on for more than an hour. I feel like I've done enough sleeping for weeks, and I hate being awake at 4am with a sore back from being in bed so long. Gah!

Anyway I have next week off, so I won't be back at work till April, which means that various people will have left when I get back, and all sorts of decisions about whether we have to move and whether one of my colleagues will still be around will have happened. Or possibly not - they're great for not making decisions down there.

I still don't trust my mind after the last couple of days. I was very tearful for no readily apparent reason, especially when I had a temperature of 102 (possibly, it's hard to tell with forehead strips). And this lassitude seems to be accompanied by a lot of generalised negativity. Therefore I will not be sending any of the particularly harsh e-mails I've been composing until I feel a bit better. If you are aware of anything you need to do to get on my good side, therefore, now would be a good time...

Thanks to Paul and Sandy for hot water bottles, medicines, comfort and penguins. I expect I'll be better soon...
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