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coded messages always hurt

116 people on livejournal are interested in 'breaking stuff', only 5 are interested in 'getting a life'.

In other news, I am proving better at the former than the latter. Victims so far this week. One mirror, one marble egg which I flung at said mirror, and one multi-coloured jumper.

it worries me this kind of thing
how you hope to live alone
and occupy your waking hours
we're taking sides again
i just wept i couldn't understand
why you started this again



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12th Mar, 2002 07:45 (UTC)
God, I love that song and the lyrics always move me to tears.

I'd write and tell you that I've burnt them all, but
you never send me your address
and I've kept them anyway...

Thank you for making me think of it. If there's anything I can do...

12th Mar, 2002 07:50 (UTC)
Oh, and you're more than welcome to my CDs of Metamatic and The Garden, by the way, should I ever see you at any point. ~nod~ Mmm, pretentious inserts...

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