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Request for nice comments

Some of the kids from the conference I'm working on have built a web site, which is up at http://www.childreninscotland.org.uk/artery/index.htm. If anyone has some time to waste and feels like going and having a look and leaving some (nice) comments in their guest book, they'd be thrilled. The site's a bit frame heavy, so no techie criticism, OK! (And don't mention my name).


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7th Mar, 2002 09:51 (UTC)
Thanks for the pointer - that was a refreshing break.
7th Mar, 2002 13:06 (UTC)
The Invisibles?
Hi! The computer told me you like the invisibles. Is this true? I think Morrison is a fucking GOD! My friend showed me this live journal thing yesterday. Is it pretty cool? R u european? Sounds like you might be saying "flatmate" and all that. I'm american. I'm always interested to meet new people down with the Invisibles, I don't know many here. email is: snootch101@hotmail.com

LiQuId Dynamite!
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