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Everything happens today, And we're out here in space

It's a couple of weeks since I posted, and in that time my life seems to have taken a turn for the better. I hope this isn't too closely connected to not posting to LJ, although I suspect that the way I was using LJ before made me more likely to focus on the negative things [1], which was one reason I wanted to give it a rest. Let's see if I can get back to something like a sustainable habit, now ;-)

So, what's been happening?

In the last couple of weeks I have:

Worked incredibly hard, mostly to good effect, and had at least one triumph in office politics. Things are still very stressful there, but one of the two Saturday conferences is out of the way, and the other is looking healthy, if hectic.

I had an utterly wonderful time at Gigantor, of which more in a friends only entry if I get round to it. I danced a lot, and romance was reawakened, which was nice. (And yes Steve, I will get around to visiting you and your pussy when things calm down a bit...)

I've bought a wine red brocaded top that I like very much, also a black fringed skirt of the type I used to wear all the time, with pockets. There's a shop selling that sort of stuff on Princes Street now, within reach of my work in lunch hour, which means I may have to restrain myself a bit.

I want to see Spiritualized last night! Yay! It was really bliss, and the light show was so awesome that I mostly didn't mind not being able to see much of the stage. The band were tight, especially the guy on xylophone and assorted percussion. And they played a nice selection, of old Spacemen 3 stuff as well as things off the new album and the last couple. And they really kicked up a proper noise when it was called for.

Jason never spoke a word, and stood to the right of the stage with his face in shadow looking very intense and just playing and singing. I think I may fancy him, actually, which is odd because physically he's not that much of my type, but I just love intensity. Yum.

I've enjoyed the last couple of Buffy's, and it's been cool having Alex round to watch them, and I've decided Angel is just incredibly shallow entertainment, but that's OK - it's still fun.

I read Night of Triffids and am now on Jeff Noon's Pollen. Both rather good reads. I will now have to work through the Jeff Noon cannon. I've read Vurt and Automated Alice (which I may have to revisit), and Jon's got Needle in the Groove, which I'll try next. Any recommendations?

I've done BiCon and Mir work and today I did washing and washing up and all that useful stuff.

I've spend some quality time with Pavlos when we communicated by moving our mouths without any electronic assistance whatsoever.

Today I had a nice dinner with Sandy, of lemon sole and broccoli (which shows Paul is away), and spuds and a sauce I made from mushrooms and garlic and parsley and sherry and milk and butter.

So there.

[1] When I'm feeling low I'm more likely to either have nothing better to do than post, or be posting because I'm putting off doing stuff I don't want to do. When I'm out having fun, or enjoying being productive, LJ isn't usually the first thing on my mind.
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