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Photo amnesty

This may seem like an odd request, but it's worth a try...

You know how I used to be really touchy about having my photo taken. Well, now I've lost weight I don't have many photos of me from before so I can gloat over the change. Which is my own fault of course. But if anyone out there *happens* to have any old pictures of me and would be prepared to send me a copy, I'd be very grateful and promise not to ask how you got it. Pretty please?



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13th Feb, 2002 06:36 (UTC)
I have got one of you and you look gorgeous in it. Marcus took it for me at the 1992 or 1993 SM Pride march. I just have to find it.

I can scan it at Sasha's and email it to you. Will be done next week - but remind me. If I find any others I'll do the same.
13th Feb, 2002 06:45 (UTC)
I'll have a dig about too, I've definitely got one of you from Norwich BiCon somewhere...
13th Feb, 2002 08:55 (UTC)
I'd be amazed if we didn't have any...

.. a quick browse of one album reveals a 1990 BiCon group photo, a 1992 ditto, two from Berlin 1996 (somewhat closer to the camera!), a 1997 group photo, a 1999 ditto.

Let's get scanning...
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