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Amazingly my schedule is full all week. I did intend to post it a while back - just to show off as few people reading this will need to know. I still have mixed feelings about schedule posting, as reading other people's often makes me feel like a lonely bunny with no life, and I'm sure no-one is interested in mine, but here it is anyway.

Monday - went for a drink with Jon, which was very nice)
Tuesday - had a flat meeting and pancakes with maple syrup made by sibelian. Yum.
Today - going to LOTR again with ciphergoth and pavlos. Going straight to bed afterwards if I want to be up for work.
Tomorrow - musical Buffy and non-musical Angel with the flatmates and Alex from work.
Friday - something with Paul, but not buying into the Valentines madness in any way. Probably.
Saturday - going to a mind-body-wallet fair with Kaela from work in the day time and hopefully getting a cheap massage. Then Gigantor in the evening.
Sunday - sleeping and maybe doing BiCon stuff with sibelian
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