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Entertain me

I'm thinking of coming to London for a few days before Easter. Is anything cool happening on the weekend of the 23rd of March? I'd probably fly to London, see a few folk, and take a day to get the train out to Leicester to do a BiCon site visit. I could go the weekend after Easter as well (6th April), but this is a bit harder with my workload as my line manager will be away.



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9th Feb, 2002 06:51 (UTC)
The God Is Insane party is happening at my house and you'd be most welcome, not to say encouraged, to come.

I don't promise coolness, mind.
9th Feb, 2002 09:27 (UTC)
Sounds cool to me. Can you remind me of the basic concept thingy and your address and stuff (by mail if you want)
10th Feb, 2002 03:11 (UTC)
From the e-mail invite that's about to be sent out:

With only a couple of months to go, Katy and David's thoughts have turned to the traditional Drunk Bisexuals' Easter party. It will be on Saturday 23 March, the weekend before Easter, at David's house in Leytonstone, and will, as usual, be themed.

In 2000, God was Dead. In 2001, God was Undead.

In 2002, God is Insane. It's probably the voices.

Come as a mad person. If you are already one, come as a sane person. As usual, fancy dress is optional but encouraged; we'd much rather see you at the party in normal clothes than have you stay away because you can't think of a costume.

Katy's promised to try to come up with some insanity-themed games, and the house will be decorated with the pick of the madder Christian web sites she's come across.

The party will start at 3pm and go on until everyone's asleep. People travelling from outside London are welcome to come for the afternoon and catch the last train/bus home, but crash space can probably be arranged locally if you give enough warning.

I'll e-mail you address and directions separately.

"Let me entertain you - is your soul for hire?"
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