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The music that nobody likes

I hate Belle and Sebastian. I am just wondering how long I can put up with it for before complaining, as on the whole I enjoy an office atmosphere where we don't complain about each other's music.

Meanwhile I have installed something called Stretchware, which if I've done it right should tell me to take keyboard breaks. I disabled the option to trigger a Tibetan Bell or a harp sound, though. I want to avoid RSI, not karma...

I'm feeling pretty shit today, and looking forward to getting home. Not that I have any actual activities planned for the weekend, but not being at work seems quite good enough just now. Maybe I will get some BiCon work done.


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8th Feb, 2002 10:29 (UTC)
This last week I've been listening to the builders over the road singing along to Radio 1 (bad) and a ghastly borderline anorexic woman called Amber droning on about her WeightWatchers (much much worse).
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