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The best years of our lives

Subtly changed survey from duranorak partly just so I can have a public entry once in a while.

By the way, my e-mail is down at the moment, and I'm in EasyInternet. If you need to contact me, phone or post here.

About 20 years ago I was:

1. A miserable 15 year old with a Bowie obsession.
2. Starting to buy clothes for myself, from jumble sales, with my pocket money. I got a lot of gloves and scarves
3. Doing a very unhealthy high protein diet, or being dragged along to weight watchers by my mum, I can't remember which
4. Being bullied for being fat by someone who, looking at the photos years later I realise was bigger than me.

About 15 years ago I was:

1. In my second year at university.
2. Handfasted to Guy.
3. Doing astrology for money and selling second hand hats and gloves etc on a stall.
4. Saving money out of my grant.

About 10 years ago I was:

1. Living with Giles in Norwich
2. Just meeting Paul, Liz, Kay and a few other of the people here
3. Running a jewellery business, BiFrost and BiCon 10
4. Going slightly mad

About 5 years ago I was:

1. Living with Paul in the flat known as Gomorrah
2. Dole scum and proud of it
3. Deciding that hats don't make you cool
4. Less happy than I am now.

Now I am:

1. Happier than I was at any of those times.
2. Employed
3. The proud owner of a lot of scarves
4. Living with Paul, Jon and Sandy


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4th Feb, 2002 11:35 (UTC)
And proud owner of a hat!

4th Feb, 2002 12:30 (UTC)
Er, yes... But possibly not all that worthy of note.

Have you been eating enough?
4th Feb, 2002 23:19 (UTC)
Uh, no. But you did say something about "hats don't make you cool", so... never mind.

I hadn't eaten enough, since you ask. By the way, have you noticed that you've started a fashion for song lyrics in subject lines? Shana's doing it, as is David.
5th Feb, 2002 03:09 (UTC)
Hat's don't make you cool
But my hat keeps me warm!

Um, who's Shana?
6th Feb, 2002 13:47 (UTC)
Re: Hat's don't make you cool
djsynne who used to go out with Jon Middleton, then more recently Jim Moyle. Asian. Practically the first person I met through going to a goth event.
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