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You said something that was really important

My lyrics quiz

1. Are you male or female:

Look at these my child bearing hips
Look at these my ruby red ruby lips

P J Harvey

2. Describe yourself:

She won't practice the looks from the great tragic books
That were later disgraced to face celluloid
It won't even make sense but you can bet
If she isn't a sweetheart a plaything or pet
The film turns her into an unveiled threat

Elvis Costello

3. How do they feel about you:

So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that test

David Bowie

5. How do you feel about life:

I’m gonna tug at my tether
I’m gonna tear at my lead
I’m going to test my knowledge
On the field of deeds

The Waterboys

6. What would you rather be doing:

Every night before I go to sleep
Find a ticket, win a lottery.
Every night before I rest my head
See those dollar bills go swirling 'round my bed.

Patti Smith

7. Describe where you live:

The planet spins and it keeps me in my place
Where I stand is only three miles from space


8. Describe how you love:

I wanted you. And I was looking for you. But I couldn't find you. I wanted you. And I was looking for you all day. But I couldn't find you.
Laurie Anderson

9. Share a few words of wisdom:

Early to bed so you can wait
For three buses a trolley and a train
I think it's worth it for you to stay awake
Maybe tomorrow you'll be a little late
But early to bed and early to rise
Makes a man or woman miss out on the night life


10. Have the last word

i had a friend who died
i had another friend
who stayed alive
so what's the use in crying
it's a kind of lie
explaining takes too long
and no one listens
to the words in songs

Urusei Yatsura
Tags: meme/survey, music
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