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Answers to my quiz

So, none of my friends got 100%, but that's because no-one is stalking me sufficiently to go to my ancestry web page. Ciphergoth wins with 80%, then it's Adjectivemarcus, Pavlos and Lovingboth tied at 55%, Trish on 50%, ajva on 35%, Aegidian 30% and Katyha at a very poor 20%.

1. I've been at 13 UK BiCons (6, and then 8 onwards) , and three Internationals (in London, Amsterdam and Berlin)

2. My male ancestors have mostly been called Denis. Everyone got this wrong. Some guessed Charles, for my dad, or Edmund, for my brother, or Michael, as being generically Irish...

3. I live in a third floor flat with three other people (although my last flat was on the first floor with two others).

4. I started my job in October 2000. God, that seems ages ago.

5. I was doorstepped by the Sunday Mail, which is not the same as the mail on Sunday. Ajva - I don't think Best doorstep people, although I have been in it.

6. My mother was a primary school teacher until she retired a few years ago. I'm sure that must show in my personality.

7. I'm glad that most people credited me with the sense not to fall off scaffolding, but I have also never broken my collar bone. The only bone I've broken was my little toe - when a horse trod on me. And one day I will tell the full story of the exorcist...

8. I've had my hair every colour except blonde. Brown counts because it's that colour underneath, and I had it that way for twenty odd years.

9. I identity as Bisexual, Anarchist, Feminist, Non-monogamous, Several rabbits, and, arguably, as a mug. No-one lost points for not calling me a mug, though.

10. I've lived in South London, where I grew up, Norwich for seven years, and Edinburgh for the last nine years. Most people got that one.


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20th Jan, 2002 16:10 (UTC)
Could you make the results viewable so I can figure out which other one I got wrong?

21st Jan, 2002 02:18 (UTC)
I can't figure out how to do that - once you've set up a poll it doesn't seem to let you back into it. But you thought I had broken my collarbone. Mybe I should only take off 5% for that, cos you got the scaffolding right...
21st Jan, 2002 02:56 (UTC)
Well, you'd used checkboxes where you meant radiobuttons in other places, so I assumed that was your intent on that question too...
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