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Hey I'm king of the world

As suggested by Trish - Reasons I am Wonderful

  • I am very good at running things
  • I actually volunteer to run things
  • I have an answer for every question - many of them correct
  • I have managed to diet sensibly for over six months
  • My political views are both wise and persuasive
  • I get people nice presents
  • I hold good parties
  • I make sure Paul and other people don't starve
  • I sometimes do the housework
  • I go and get milk when there is no milk
  • I'm really quite clever

And since I see that me and Anne are both wonderful for different reasons about dieting, I am even more tempted to write down my Views about the whole subject. I suspect we wouldn't disagree very much...


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9th Jan, 2002 06:44 (UTC)
Yup, I suspect you're right there. And well done for being so fantastic for such fantastic reasons. :o)

This is fun!
9th Jan, 2002 13:12 (UTC)
My diet's gone all to pot mostly due to being off ill with the chicken pox and having nothing to do but scratch and eat left over Christmas Haagen-Daazs...

On the upside the spots seem to have stopped so Conception should still be a plan for Saturday.

And hello to Anne if she reads this ... Not seen you since the last time I stayed in the house at Plaistow ... which is a few years ago now! Small world!

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