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Double figures

I now know people ten who have lost jobs in computing related places. Eek. I'm wondering if I should make that a counter...


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9th Jan, 2002 04:47 (UTC)
Please don't ;-)
9th Jan, 2002 05:30 (UTC)
I reckon I know at least that number between computing and engineering. I've not dared to count yet though.

I can see that big blue lottery hand coming through my window any time now and saying 'It's you' but I won't be winning anything. My current contract is guaranteed until December but I doubt it will be renewed.
10th Jan, 2002 00:51 (UTC)
It's certainly not the best industry to be working in at the moment. I'm not really expecting my current job to last for too much longer, either...

And if/when that happens, I'm seriously intending to abandon IT altogether and go do something utterly different. Right now, it's not somewhere I really want to be.

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