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I'm gonna wear my coat

Happy now! Today I got a coat with a detachable fur collar and it goes with my fur hat. I will wear it to the Holyrood tonight and it may be hard to persuade me to take it off. It's got a purple lining, too. And I don't care if it gets to big for me by next year - because I'm going to be warm right now. (And anyway I think it will look quite cool and swishy when it's too big.) Photo to follow when I've persuaded Paul to take one...



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26th Dec, 2001 12:44 (UTC)
Note that we're not now going to the Holyrood, since it's shut - people are coming here instead.

26th Dec, 2001 12:55 (UTC)
However I will still wear my coat if there's enough demand (i.e. any).
27th Dec, 2001 01:54 (UTC)
Thanks for the hospitality last night! (And the coat was definitely worth admiration!)

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