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Tra la la la la, la la la laa

Me and ciphergoth are going to the Holyrood tonight, to meet with the remaining denizens of Emmental if they make it, and hopefully run into fire_sermon who I see is going that way too. I may also manage to exchange hostages with my little brother, who I do have a gift for, although I've not managed to get through to him on either of his phones... knowing him he's probably still asleep.

Meanwhile I have done all the going to shops I need to do, and feel suitably relieved. Somerfield were going mad with the pricing gun, so I had to buy a few extras, such as the giant trifle for 20p, in addition to my holiday supply of diet coke. Noticed that the women's magazines all have their January diet specials out already, which is a bit like the feeling I used to get on spotting back to school posters in July. The downside (well, the other other downside, I don't think there's an upside) of starting to advertise festivals like Xmas in September is that the actual festival doesn't matter at all - once you've bought everything you're going to buy they're already rushing you on to the next thing. Well that's Capitalism for you, I guess...
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