June 25th, 2003

Southpark, unhappy

we're chained

I also still have ethernet cable to pin up, and a long extension to the TV to make. We'll need four sockets near the TV now and maybe another few later, as well as the ariel, and naturally we have decided to put it against a wall with none. We also need four sources of power near the phone (for radiophone, answerphone, hub and modem), and of course there were none, so all four power leads are currently running under the door to the kitchen. All this has decided me that all houses built under my rule in future should have a power/data strip running around every wall that you can jack into at any point (and of course all phone, network and TV should run down the same cable). Also every electrical device should run off the same voltage as said strip and not require all those chunky and subtly different adapters which don't-quite-fit on the multiway. My hub doesn't even say on it what voltage it wants, and guess who didn't lable which adapter belonged to which device before she moved? Now I'm going round labelling them with a silver pen to prevent a repeat performance...

Also neither my LJ client nor Explorer will recognise the internet from this computer, while Mozilla is fine, which is weird. Ho hum.

And am now late for work. More rantage will have to wait.
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Spreading a memory all through the sky

My moods have been going up and down like a thing that goes up and down a lot, so I'm going to use this to record some of the good bits. Apologies for cluttering up you friends list with boring shite, but you don't have to read it.

Anyway, last night Sandy put up my red and purple cloths and masks, and I put up the pictures I wanted in my room. I can't keep all my pictures, as I have a lot less wall than I used to, so some are going to have to go in the living room, and the meaningless Fritz Klein award may have to go in the bin, which serves it right (I'd rather keep my MSc in actively seeking work).

So last night I slept under pretty things with my Venetian masks watching over me. And I slept well. And Jon came round and we had a pleasant chat and a beer. Which was nice.

Next I must buy a blanket box, among other things. Maybe the time for the dreaded trip to Ikea has come - anyone want to take me there?
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