June 22nd, 2003


She bop--he bop--a--we bop

Woohoo! Internetty goodness! Now to see if it works when it's unplugged and plugged back in a more sensible configuration (rather than having all the boxes and three miles of cable in my room).
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glam, happy

"Politics go so good with beer"

Am really tired but I had a lovely party. I managed to stay until dawn, but I left in order to have sex, which I think is a good reason... I particularly enjoyed seeing Nik's kilt ensemble, which suited him better than I'd though possible. Other highlights include Andrew breaking the kazoo by trying to play Iggy Pop with it, which is a thing not to attempt lightly, and watching Rachael meeting Steve, which went pretty much as I expected.

Sorry, I'm far too tired to make any sense right now, but at least we have internetty goodness, and now I can sleep so I can go to Stirling bright and early tomorrow. Ugh.
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