June 15th, 2003

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Woohoo! Am managing to update from Laputa. Admittedly using old old old machine via a modem and Freenet and No Mouse (grrr) because the bastard machine wants a serial mouse that I no longer have, but still, it's a triumph of sorts, and one I'm vey grateful to pavlos for.

So, how is it? It's still sprinkled with boxes, but Rachael has arrived, and as soon as I get a mouse I'll get her on LJ, and we've put all the furniture together and sorted out the kitchen and stuff. Looks like our housewarming will be on the 19th July - get in touch soon if you want crash space...

I am absolutely shattered, and I have to be in Stirling tomorrow morning (but at least I'm even nearer to Waverley than I was to Haymarket), but I am well, and mostly happy, and I'll see many of you at Mir next Saturday, I hope.