June 10th, 2003

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Who wants a domain name? bisexy.org.uk is expiring and I don't want it anymore - can anyone offer it a good home before it gets grabbed by bad pornographers?

Almost everything is packed in my room except this computer, which will have to be dismantled soon. After that I will be offline probably until I'm back at work on Friday, and I don't know how long it will take to get home access going again. Wish me luck...
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Slip away as you wait for your time to go

By a minor miracle I have worked out how to fit my furniture into my new room. Probably. Since it is a room of Lovecraftian dimensions we'll really have to wait and see.

Tonight is takeaway pizza night as soon we will have packed all the cutlery and crockery. This is OK as it's traditional, and house moving would be incomplete without it. Paul and Sandy are busy being butch taking Sandy's loft bed apart. Being an Ikea masterpiece with barely a surplus piece of wood in it, this entails more dismantling than we'd really like - I only hope it can be put back up...
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