June 8th, 2003


This don't swim--this fly

Thanks to ciphergoth, skx, nik_strychnine, ducklofty, hfnuala, pavlos and Jen my room at Laputa is now painted cream and all the hideous wallpaper in Sandy's room is gone. Hurrah! I now ache all over, but at least I feel that I can move in without immediately sinking into a deep dark wallpaper related depression (and I'm only half joking there). Special thanks go to Nuala for staying so late, and to Pavlos for the loan of his fantastic espresso machine, without which we would have fallen over much earlier.A photo of my lovely creamy room may follow when Paul wakes up, meanwhile I have been up since 8.30, packing and ripping CDs. I am currently taking a break from wrapping individual rocks in bubbles, which gets dull after a while...

This afternoon I intend to take a break to visit the Meadows and see if I can find a lodestone for the new flat before it falls down. It's usually good for rocks, so I might be lucky. If not it'll have to depend on fridge magnets till I get my act together.
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    The Wonder Stuff: Them Big Oak Trees