June 2nd, 2003

new hair

you can miss me by a mile or just inch by inch

Sometimes I will randomly decide to boycott a meme. The LJ match thingy is one such. I got pissed off at the very first page of their form, and when I started to see more and more results from their I was glad I hadn't bothered. One point that people might like to bear in mind: persnickety people are only compatible with each other if they are persnickety about the same things. Also compatibilities of over 106% are not reassuring...

The angels wanna wear my red shoes

The agents have received Sandy's reference! That means we can go and sign the lease tomorrow!! (And give them a HUGE amount of money. Boo!) Me does the happy dance.

I obviously think that these Evangelical Christians are bananas, but their bloody mindedness makes me smile. If only everyone was prepared to tell their parents when to get off like that...
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