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18th May 2003

I can't stand up for falling down

I managed to damage myself quite badly last night when I fell down outside K. Jackson's and acquired a badly twisted ankle plus a very sore other knee. Poor Sandy had to escort me home while I was weeping and somewhat hysterical because I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it home and there was no way we could get a taxi. The taxi company we phoned helpfully suggested we call an ambulance, which would of course have taken us to Little France and abandoned us there - not much use for a twisted ankle. Fortunately I had a Sandy and a long umbrella, and supported between the two I managed to get home. I am not going anywhere at all today - even going as far as the bathroom hurts. I have Donnie Darko which I intend to watch early this afternoon (since it's due back at 7.00), so at least I have something to do.

On Friday I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and decided that it really really sucked. In fact I'm coming more than ever to the conclusion that I loathe Harry Potter in a quite comprehensive way, which is odd because I love children's books and usually love anything with magic in it, and on the face of it I should like them, but they just strike me as being done all wrong. Maybe I'll go into my full rant on the subject later, but at the moment I think I will have pissed off enough fans already...

I'll get Gorby when he's dead

Sandy really should post the lyrics to Concrete Elephant one of these days, and then the world would see how he is the king of the non sequitur.

I feel somewhat better now, and the ankle;e is less sore, which is good as I have a fuck of a lot to do. Today we hoovered Jon's room, threw away all the rubbish he'd left, which was lots, threw away lots of other rubbish (I reckon we must have filled one of those skips), defrosted the small fridge (well almost, it's still dripping, but the giant iceberg that had formed on the underside of the freezing compartment has gone down the sink), and now Sandy is washing up. I am well impressed with how much work Sandy does when he gets going - he did all the lifting and taking rubbish down as I'm injured. We also found time to eat pork and roasted vegetables and jacket potatoes with garlic butter and watch Donnie Darko, which I like a lot. And I've now got a whole five boxes and a case stacked in Jon's room, neatly labeled and everything. Needless to say this has still barely made a dent in my belongings, but I shall continue...