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13th May 2003

Jesus and his lawyer are coming back

I need to get in touch with sibelian fairly urgently about the new flat (nothing disastrous, but we need to sort our bank references out. If he sees this can he phone me, and if anyone else hears from him before 10pm can you ask him to call me?
So what the hell have I been up to, anyway? Well, mostly I've been fretting. I'm very good at fretting, which may be why I'm good at running things like BiCon as well as why I'm never ever going to do it again. Anyway moving house is enough to keep me fretting for a while, especially when there actually isn't very much I can do at the moment. I've been keeping my conscience quiet by making lists, mostly, which works up to a point. What I really need, though, is to be allowed to sign the actual lease. After that point I can happily pack, book removers, set a date for the last Mir party, spend ages on the phone to Telewest, arrange to get my post forwarded etc. Meanwhile I'm fiddling about clearing out a few things and trying to plan where I'll put things in the new flat based on two visits and no measurements. (Hopefully the agents will let me go back and measure before I have to tell the removers which room to put things in...) This is not a relaxing occupation, although I'm glad I fretted enough to phone the agents as it turns out they need us to do something but haven't been getting off their arses to tell us about it. Morons.

So in the spirit of fretting, here is a Meta Poll
Poll #134415 Meta poll poll

What should I write a poll about?

How to spend the Mir windfall I haven't got yet
When to hold the new flat warming party
What to change about Mir so we can sell it for lots of money
Something random and funny to take my mind off all this flat moving stuff
Don't write a poll - do some work!

Before I putter out

I have done much stuff, for lo, I am GOOD...

I have ordered some forms for getting post forwarded, and dealt with my bank so I get a reference, and packed a suitcase full of clothes which nevertheless makes no impression on my giant clothes collection, and a box of comics likewise, and I have washed some cups and glasses and thrown away some unidentifiable kitchen implements, and stuff.

My back still hurts. Bah!