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27th March 2003

Am back at work, and therefore slightly frantic, but otherwise OK. Still, it means my LJ posting will go back up to its usual frequency. My back hurts from so much sleeping in strange beds, so I'll be going to the gym tonight to try to get back to regular exercise.

I've now booked my annual leave for Whitby which makes me feel a lot better. I'm looking forward to it, especially in some ways the days of chilling on either side of the madness. I'm going to be there from Wednesday to Wednesday - what touristy things can I do?

One feature I'd really like from LJ would be the ability to search my entries according to which friends filter they're visible to - that way I'd know if it was safe to add someone to a particular filter...

Things to do, mainly for my own benefitCollapse )

I want more

LJ doesn't love me - is anybody else getting logged out all the bloody time today?

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