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28th February 2003

Tread lightly in your dreams

Reasons to be cheerful
I have another new user pic - look!
I woke up early and felt cheerful because of a deeply important yet nonsensical dream about making people out of boats, making boats out of people and defeating bullies with guns.
It's Friday.
I have the room to myself and can play my music audibly.

Things that make you go hmm
I am short of one envelope stuffer today.
My head hurts.
This is because I drank too much last night instead of going to the gym- bad rabbit.
Buffy and Angel kind of sucked.


What costume shall the poor girl wear

Yet another icon. Yes, I am so sad that I cracked and made a dolly. I'm only 36, too...


Where you from and what's your name?

1. Three books you read recently:
Make Room! Make Room! -- Harry Harrison
The Slayers of Seth -- Paul Doherty
Today We Choose Faces - Roger Zelazny

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