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31st January 2003

Be a witness to the march of time

Bah! Snow fell briefly and then stopped. Although perhaps given other people's woes with the stuff I shouldn't be risking wishing for it. I still feel shit. Word is being crap on me. And I can't go home for another hour and a half. Unfair!

This weekend I'd like to get some people along to Digital (I know I keep saying this), and go to the gym (I keep saying that as well). I also have a matter of hours to decide whether to join my gym at their January rate of £175. I think I will. I know it's £175 out of my account right now, but it's unprecedentedly cheap for a year's gym - assuming I ever go, of course.


Miss X gave me Chlamydia


Raver STD Comic

For skx especially...