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9th January 2003

Piracy is a kind of progressive taxation, which may shave a few percentage points off the sales of well-known artists (and I say "may" because even that point is not proven), in exchange for massive benefits to the far greater number for whom exposure may lead to increased revenues.

According to Tim O'Reilly. And William Gibson seems to agree. Yes Gibson finally has a blog (though the manual typewriter thing hasn't been true for many years. And he's now alongside Samual Pepys in the blogs-I-can't-yet-read-as-LJ-feeds list. As is Neal Gaiman's blog, since the feed is one of the several I've signed up for which don't seem to work :-( I'm now getting Warren Ellis' Die Puny Humans, though - which rocks.

So that'll be enough to keep me busy for a while. Meanwhile, here's some ideas of what I might be doing in the next couple of weeks... wanna join me?Collapse )