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All I want for Xmas

Or any other time people feel like giving me random gifts:-
A multi-region DVD player of some kind
A decent TFT monitor
Possibly a whole new PC, but more likely...
...Some games I can play on my outmoded PC which will save me from getting sucked into the hell that is minesweeper. Lemmings would be nice. Or Sim something.
Plane tickets to Amsterdam
A cheap lightweight sewing machine
One of those giant gold lame £20 scarves from Accessorise
Anything from my Amazon wish list - new or second hand.
An ornament shelf from Ikea (a little pine thing about two inches deep and two or three foot wide)
Please - I've been ever so good. Honest...

Update: I've fixed the Amazon wishlist link, cos the earlier one only worked for me when I was logged in. Weird...
Tags: wishlist
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