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...and indigestion, aches and pains spread mind-numbing boredom. Yes - I am off sick, and I feel far too ill to enjoy it, or to go to the Stereolab gig I was going to go to tonight. I am not, in short, a happy purple bunny. Why does my body wait until thing are calmed down at work before conking out on me like this, why does it think that work is important? I don't - or at least I don't when I'm wearing my sensible head.

Little else is happening with me just now. I did manage to put together a colour scheme to paint the hall that all the cosmonauts could agree on - cream and British racing green, but I don't want to think about actually doing the actual painting, or rather the preparation, which will require a lot of sugar soaping holes and cracks being repaired. Anyway, we can do nothing until we get the damn shower fixed, which, the builders not having given us a date, may not be until after Xmas now. Bah!

Oh well, now I going to watch Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. Homefront feels like about the level of my intellect just now.