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Seven sweet disguises

I had a fairly quiet weekend recovering from the conference, so instead of a diary, here is a questionnaire I can actually see the point of.

7 things I am afraid of
  1. Insanity
  2. Being threatened
  3. Flying ants
  4. Most kinds of dog
  5. Losing my friends
  6. Having to deal with family disasters
  7. Gangs of children laughing at me

7 things that make me laugh
  1. Terry Pratchett
  2. My partner Sandy
  3. Non sequiturs
  4. The things some people believe in
  5. Operation Enduring Freedom
  6. Piffle
  7. South Park

7 things that make me cry
  1. Exhaustion
  2. Onions
  3. Really bad toothache
  4. A few random and wildly unpredictably lyrics, but usually only for about 10 seconds each
  5. Having arguments with my lovers (fortunately rare)
  6. Er
  7. That's it

7 things I love
  1. My partners
  2. The new me
  3. Having so many people who think well of me
  4. Velvet
  5. Being clever
  6. The new paint in my room
  7. Good food

7 things I don't understand
  1. Why people believe so many false things
  2. Monogamy
  3. Cuneiform
  4. How people manage to go to work, commute for an hour or more each way, have children and still not die of exhaustion or despair
  5. The appeal of extreme drunkenness
  6. The point of modesty
  7. People

7 things on my desk
  1. The Ultimate Alphabet book
  2. Some meringue nests
  3. Bumf from Telewest
  4. Spider Jerusalem Action figure
  5. Spider Jerusalem Action figure's mutant cat
  6. James Seven CD
  7. My left elbow

Right now I am
  1. Bored and slightly headachy
  2. Full of meringue
  3. Facing west
  4. Wearing my new size 18 wine coloured velvet top
  5. Trying really hard to think of more things that make me cry
  6. Worrying about whether I have pissed off one of my partners
  7. Wondering why I seem to be able to remember doing this questionnaire before when it's not in my LJ

Seven facts about me
  1. I once ran for the local council for the Green Party
  2. I hate my knees
  3. The only bone I've ever broken was my right little toe when a horse trod on it
  4. I am only five foot tall
  5. I own a cheese grater that's older than me
  6. I sometimes feel utterly inadequate without makeup, but never at work for some reason
  7. I can always fly in my dreams

Seven things to do before I die
  1. Go to America and drive across it
  2. Finish at least one novel
  3. Lose at least another 4 stone and keep it off
  4. Buy a house I can love
  5. Win the lottery so I can do 4
  6. Learn to read hieroglyphics
  7. Visit Egypt
Tags: meme/survey
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