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A bad career choice...

If anyone was ever asked what job would suit me, I'll bet the post of Net Nanny wouldn't spring to mind. But that's what I've been doing today. Not only have I been stuck in the Internet room at the conference all day, there have been so many kids in that I couldn't get five minutes on LJ until now. And I have had to stop them resetting the home page to porn sites, spilling juice in the snazzy laptops we've been lent, opening virus ridden attachments to their e-mail (which is all they really want to go online for), pushing each other off seats, unplugging the machines and so on... Not what I'd call Fun.

The conference seemes to have worked out, though I came close to physical violence a couple of times. Once with a punter who'd turned up without booking and expected a badge with her organisation's name on it, and once with a kid who dropped an icecube down my shirt. Did I ever mention how bad a teacher I'd make?

Anyway, after this things allegedly get calmer, though first I have to catch up on my sleep after a 6am start today.
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