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Today I bought a bra that fits, even though I am hoping it won't fit for long. This means that I suddenly feel as if my tits are up around my ears, relatively speaking, whereas they used to be nearer my waist. It also makes my back hurt a bit, which I think is because my shoulders are carrying more of the weight - hopefully I'll get used to it.

I also got mirror nail varnish in a sort of pinky silver. I have decided that getting nail varnish when I feel unhappy isn't all that bad a thing, since there's a lot more expensive things I could be doing, and it beats comfort eating.

Next week, apparently, I am interviewing 16 year olds for possible placements, and have to set them a simple exercise to test their computer literacy, so the learning curve continues apace - or at least the lifestyle adjustment curve.

I seem to be making more friends only entries of late, by the way, so if you know me and you think you should be in my friends list so you can read the gory details, let me know...