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Reasons to be cheerful

This Guardian article contains a handy summary of some of the powers in the new anti-terrorism act which is expected to pass into law before Xmas. A typical understatement from Liberty says "Too many of these proposals risk falling short of the highest British standards of justice."

No shit! Internment without trial and the evidence against you read in camera so neither you nor your lawyer know what it is - God on a stick, what will they think of next!

So much of what David Blunkett says fails to understand even what a civil liberty might be, so I despair of him ever having a clue. He thinks, for instance, that "Because we are talking only about a handful of people, we are not threatening the civil liberties of this country, but we are ensuring those handful don't threaten those civil liberties". So how many randomly arrested people would be a threat? And why?

OK, I know you all agree with me on this, so I won't continue to labour the point, but I wish that our respected civil liberties organisations would have the guts to show even half as much outrage as I feel.
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