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Glamourising cigarettes

Another gob-snacking article from the Guardian...

One of the world's biggest tobacco companies aims to make billions of pounds from the diseases caused by cigarette smoking through deals with biotech companies for the exclusive rights to market future lung cancer vaccines.

Bogglety bogglety boggle.



13th Nov, 2001 01:39 (UTC)
... the latter bit makes it even worse if it can work with humans.

You want any daughters to give you grandsons? Well, just make sure her mother's taken the right pills during her pregnancy and she won't have much choice.

Altering the m/f balance is one of the holy grail's -- am I the only person who can't type that without thinking of John Cleese's accent as Tim the Wizard in Monty Python and the HG? -- of biology, and there's a huge wodge of money awaiting anyone who can do it for food animals. Oh, and us of course.