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Always with the questions

Oh, all right then.

my hair: redish - in need of a cut and dye
my makeup: none at work, cos I'm never up early enough
my dream: had a pig in it, and a fence made of silk that we weren't allowed to pass, and a river with rabbits in. Because we couldn't pass the river or the silk we had to decide whether to eat the pig or the rabbits or starve.
my obsession: dunno. money? nailvarnish? Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen?
my most attractive feature: sadly it's probably my mind. Still, at least that stands a chance of aging reasonably well
my favourite thing to do: reading good new books
i'm wearing: giant purple shirt, giant purple skirt
i'm eating: nothing till tea time
i'm drinking: coffee
i'm listening to: PJ Harvey
i'm feeling: a nasty pain between my shoulder blades. I need to get away from the keyboard - good thing it's Friday
i'm thinking: of what to cook for people tonight
i see: my intray - even when I shut my eyes
i find: I found 1p today
i want: candy, no, actually chips
i wish: to find a ticket, win a lottery
i love: being able to see my cheekbones again
i hate: the phone ringing
i miss: the people I've lost
i fear: losing more people
i smell: coffee
i wonder: what having two job share bosses is going to be like
i regret: rien