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'Til the morning brings my train

Today I was in Glasgow, and nearly drowned, having dressed for a lovely sunny day such as we did not get. Since it was my last day in Glasgow on expenses until September I spent quite a lot, but on very cheap things, so that's all right. I got spiderweb tights in Hellfire, black wedgy sandals in TKMaxx, and a pink fishnet vest, a black cyber-y vest with pink edging and a slashed bit, a fishnet long sleeved top, pink and black striped socks (which came with a black and white striped pair I don't want), ordinary knee highs and some fishnet knee highs in both black and pink all in Primark. The Primark haul cost me £16 in total, which seems reasonable :-) However the evil tart at the till in Primark pissed me off mightily by asking if the pink stuff was for my daughter! Well actually she didn't ask, she just said "Ooh, everyone's wearing those now - they'll be for your daughter, then?" Cow. Am now paranoid that I'll look like mutton dressed as lamb, or as if I have a sixteen year old daughter*, or something.

Oh, and Holes is a most excellent read. I'm very glad that I put off reading it for so long, so that I had something left to enjoy...

*With apologies to those who have teenage daughters and still look fab, naturally. You guys are a great argument against my paranoia.


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27th Jun, 2003 08:06 (UTC)
I'll take the black and white stripey socks off your hands if you really don't want them - soooo Tim Burtonish (and yes, I'm soooo a kooze).

The Primark here always has loudmouthed assistant managers yelling at the shop assistants. I try not to go in there much, though I have had good Primark experiences with socks and pants.
27th Jun, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
Kooze? Could I get a translation?

27th Jun, 2003 08:53 (UTC)
a scrounger.
28th Jun, 2003 00:46 (UTC)
Oh, I see. Thanks!
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