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Urgh. Didn't sleep last night due to Jazz being followed by beautiful balmy weather and people hanging about under my window. I popped into the Holyrood briefly, but didn't feel very chatty. Still it's nice to live close enough to be able to pop into the Holyrood for one drink and then not feel I've wasted my time when I go home early.

The first flat meal with Rachael went well, and we got a lot of paper work sorted out. With some new flatmates I might worry about introducing the idea of flat meetings, but with someone who's grown up in a community it's a lot easier - although there are some hippy practices, such as singing to the food, which I refuse to adopt...

Anyway I've now done a few more jobs like requested a new Council Tax book, which was unreasonably difficult - the woman I spoke to seemed to find it hard to believe that I was actually asking to be billed. Am annoyed though that I will have to get a new photo driving license, since I can't just change the name on my paper one :-(

I'm going to Mir to watch the last Angel tonight, which I'm not looking forward to. I know it will be OK once I'm there because I'll have Angel to watch, but I hate going back now. At least I can pick up my curtains this time, which should help me sleep better (and the dining room chairs - Sandy had to sit on the piano stool for dinner last night).

I should go do some work now. Hello smurfgasm - do I know you?


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26th Jun, 2003 04:08 (UTC)
Ah, I was wondering how far along in Angel it was on the TV.

Things move in an intriguing direction in that episode, I wonder what'll happen after...
26th Jun, 2003 15:39 (UTC)
not as far as I know, but that would be the same for most people on my friends list.. I can take you off it you want, I know how touchy people can get about these kinda things.
27th Jun, 2003 05:21 (UTC)
Of course I don't mind! Anyone is welcome to add me as a friend, I was just curious...
27th Jun, 2003 08:05 (UTC)
ah fairy nuff, I would be too.
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