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I am not going to do the relationship status meme, because it's depressing - which is daft because I'm very happy with how things are going with Jon, who I love very much, and Sandy is my Mouse, which is just right, so stuff competing with the cool kids.

Am pissed off with Sky at the moment. I thought we'd be getting two Angel episode tonight, but no, we get a crap Buffy documentary and have to wait til next week for the last episode. Which means leaving my TV at Mir for another week. Boo!

And *still* no ADSL. Not a happy bunny. In fact I may be a Laser-Eyed Bunny - beware my deadly gaze!

OK, going home to ADSL-less flat now.


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19th Jun, 2003 09:02 (UTC)
Just wanted to make the point - not intended to be a meme! Happy if people want to adopt it, but it really was only intended as a diary entry.
19th Jun, 2003 09:13 (UTC)
Laser-Eyed bunny I like.

Glad things are going well for you.
21st Jun, 2003 00:52 (UTC)
I was going to post that I like Laser-eyed Bunny too. Could there be some kind of device gives laser-eyes for those of us without the natural gift? Some days...that would be veeerrry useful...

21st Jun, 2003 03:36 (UTC)
Oh, I like your icon!

I agree - that power would be very useful sometimes. Some form of special glasses perhaps?

19th Jun, 2003 09:13 (UTC)
Echo what Katy said. I thought it a fun thing I wanted to do as well.

For the record I don't think people are more cool the more people they're shagging/going out with. I value people for who they are and for how they are.

20th Jun, 2003 01:49 (UTC)
Thankyou for that - I wasn't blaming you or Katie, though, just feeling a bit sensitive...
(Deleted comment)
20th Jun, 2003 01:27 (UTC)
Thank goodness I didn't see that spoiler till this morning, or I would have been thoroughly pissed off with you, rather than mildly peeved...
19th Jun, 2003 11:07 (UTC)
"Sandy is my Mouse" ?

Armistead Maupin Fan?
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