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get yourself connected

Hurrah! I have a mouse! Now I can browse LJ at modem speeds in greater comfort (yes, still no ADSL) Still, at least this lack of internet (and TV) gives me more incentive to get the flat sorted out instead of vegging in front of a cathode ray tube.

Tonight I plan to sort out the bathroom, which doesn't sound like much, but is. I've also ordered some food for tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tesco can handle this address as well as they did the last one. Gosh, isn't my life interesting and fruitful?


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17th Jun, 2003 11:03 (UTC)
It's strange how, after only a few years of broadband, a dial-up internet connection doesn't feel like real internet any more...
17th Jun, 2003 13:53 (UTC)
This happens after a few days of broadband.

17th Jun, 2003 15:23 (UTC)
Too darned right.

On the other hand 9k6 GPRS access to irc kept me sane in hospital, since I can't use a voice phone properly and I needed sanity.

Its nice to be back on nice ADSL.... I do actually use it, since dialup doesn't hack the downloads I need for uni - evil PDFs from hell.

Surfing without a mouse can be very annoying tho, makes life so much easier having one those.

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