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small Jean Genie snuck off to the city

I should just like to mention, since I have neglected to do so, that I am really quite happy at the moment. in spite of the stress and the huge amount of work of the last week or two, when I go back to my flat I look around at the bustle and walk through the pleasantly warm evening air, and think "I live here" and I am filled with a warm little glow. I feel like I'm living in a real city and I love it to bits.


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17th Jun, 2003 07:01 (UTC)
Oh, I saw Mark at the weekend and he hadn't heard about the Mir splashdown party. Is he invited?
17th Jun, 2003 07:04 (UTC)
Which Mark? If I know him he's likely invited...
17th Jun, 2003 10:21 (UTC)
Shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Don't remember his surname, but his email's darkclaw.
He was at the last party at yours that I went to.
17th Jun, 2003 08:06 (UTC)
Hugs! I knew you'd like it.

17th Jun, 2003 08:47 (UTC)
It's nice to feel settled, isn't it. Space is so important.


Glad you're happy with the new flat.
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