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Sell me a coat cos I feel cold

Got a telling off for being so late this morning, so I'd better do some stuff. One quick question first, though - can anyone out there in LJ land recommend a good Webmail provider that won't spam me to death? (unlikely, I know) I may be off line at home for a while after moving, and it would be nice to have a temporary address...


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9th Jun, 2003 04:14 (UTC)
A friend at work uses Yahoo, and he says he has never had any spam! Not sure whether to belive that, but they might be worth a try.
9th Jun, 2003 04:18 (UTC)
I'm pleased with the Blueyonder webmail, but you probably need an account with them
9th Jun, 2003 04:30 (UTC)
My yahoo account is incredibly spam-free, possibly due to using an address that is not based on real names. If you register as UK-based you can also get POP access and forwarding for free (if you agree to one piece of spam a month from Yahoo). Americans have to pay $20 pa for the privilege.
9th Jun, 2003 04:36 (UTC)
I use www.another.com (as does Marcus) and hardly ever have any spam on it. Also, you can have lots of novelty email addresses should you wish (which I do, obviously). It does charge though - not a lot but I can't remember how much.
9th Jun, 2003 04:48 (UTC)
I've never had any spam or probpems with Yahoo.
9th Jun, 2003 05:02 (UTC)
Try www.hush.com

Hushmail is reliable, free (not the premium version) and when i've used it, i've suffered from very little spam. It also allows you to send encrypted mail (granted, only to other hushmail users). I like it!
9th Jun, 2003 05:07 (UTC)
Hushmail is good if you can run Java.

I've also sent you an address @geekhost.org if you want to use it. details at your cluefactory address.

9th Jun, 2003 06:08 (UTC)
Use any, then use a despammed.com account as a redirect. :-)
9th Jun, 2003 06:15 (UTC)
Yahoo.co.uk is what I use, and it's generally good and spamfree. They provide a spamblocking and reporting facility for any that does get through. About the only irk I have is that the size of attachments you can send is limited to 3Mb per outgoing message.
13th Jun, 2003 21:24 (UTC)
I use operamail
you get some spam, but never too much
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