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Go! Box Frenzy!

Have booked remover, and boxes arrive tonight.

I want to go home so I can look at my nice new flat, and buy paint and stuff. It's too sunny to be stuck in here (especially since the database is broken *stares pointedly at Alex*).

It is, of course, utterly pointless to look at paint colours online, especially from a Mac. Silly rabbit.

And once again I have Good Hair! Go me! (Must remember to get a cap of some kind to keep paint out of it.)


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6th Jun, 2003 06:38 (UTC)
So when do you want people to come over and help with painting?
6th Jun, 2003 06:51 (UTC)
We'll probably be there from 11.00 on Saturday until it's done. If you want to check that I'm there you can call me on my mobile.
6th Jun, 2003 06:58 (UTC)
I'll probably drop in easly Saturday afternoon. I'll call first.
6th Jun, 2003 07:06 (UTC)
So you're opting out of "being the paintbrush" then?
6th Jun, 2003 07:14 (UTC)
We've got rhymes, fly like an eagle!
The rhythm, it smokes more than... a beagle!

In theory a Mac should be the best platform for looking at paints online, since the computer actually knows the rough colorimetry of the monitor, unlike a Windows machine.
6th Jun, 2003 07:15 (UTC)
In theory you are correct, but of course in practice the site will have been tested under Windows.
6th Jun, 2003 07:18 (UTC)
...and therefore you'd have to own the exact same monitor as them in order for it to be any use. And probably not even then. Especially since you can't really do justice to paint colours on a glowing screen, and half of them are probably out of gamut anyway.

So, no. Not worth it really.
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