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5th Jun, 2003

Another teeny tiny request. Has anyone got a small telly that I can borrow for the evenings of 12 and 19th June. Since Telewest are charging us for the next month (bastards), I could take advantage of that and go back to mir with TV and video and capture Buffy and Angel that way...


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5th Jun, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
Where is the UK at in the buffy series?
5th Jun, 2003 07:21 (UTC)
willow just tried to end the world, last time i checked.
5th Jun, 2003 07:22 (UTC)
On Sky, we're about two episodes away from the end of season 7 (and thus the buffyverse..)
5th Jun, 2003 07:28 (UTC)
willow's cute when she's angry :)
5th Jun, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
Yes I've got a portable telly. Or you could come to Lex's to watch it with me.
5th Jun, 2003 07:09 (UTC)
You can have ours. We just don't want it back :)
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