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Well the stress is back but at least it's different stress - further advanced stress, with an end even, possibly, in sight.

Current wallpaper related thoughts are to try painting over it before starting to strip paper, which would make it possible to change our minds. Even very finickity sticking of existing paper would be less time consuming that stripping. That would mean buying paint and glue on Friday night and getting a lot of little helpers to come round over the weekend. If you want to come and hold a paintbrush for a bit and get a sneak preview of the new flat, let me know. Jen from work says she'll do some. Go on, it will be fun! (And even if you don't help much, we'd like company).

It now looks like we'll be doing the actual move on Wednesday, which is the only day anyone has free. The removers are incredibly expensive, though not as much as the first quote we got. I have finally managed to tell Telewest to cut us off, and slowly things are managing to proceed. And tonight I get my hair dyed, which should act as some essential time out. I just wish work wasn't being stress now as well, but then it always is.


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5th Jun, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
I'd be happy to help.
5th Jun, 2003 06:21 (UTC)
From very vague knowledge: Walls in continental houses are finished very smooth for painting, while in British houses less care is taken with the wall surface because they expect them to be wallpapared. So if you have the latter you probably need to paint over some kind of wallpaper to provide a smooth surface.

Now, I believe you can buy blank wallpaper made for this purpose. That would mean stripping, papering, and painting. You can try to paint over the existing paper, but you run the risk of the pattern showing through. Can you try it out in a hidden area, like a closet?

5th Jun, 2003 06:34 (UTC)
The once paints are great for painting over even quite bright wallpaper designs and stopping them from showing through.

I agree with pavlos, but ut seems like an awful lot of work to do to somewhere that is not your own.

I rekon your right to try to just paint over it for now.
5th Jun, 2003 06:57 (UTC)
Sounds good. Once paints and glue it is, then.
5th Jun, 2003 07:10 (UTC)
I'll do a shift of painting help, let me know when's good for you.
5th Jun, 2003 07:45 (UTC)
You do realise that you get to do the tops of the walls, don't you? (There's a ladder, but it's not quite tall enough...)
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